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Monetization with VigLink

Monetization with VigLink

VigLink is a content monetization solution. By using VigLink, bloggers generate income when users click on a link within their content to buy or learn more about a product or service.
There are two ways VigLink does this:
  1. Automatic Link Affiliation: VigLink automatically affiliates outbound links to merchants and advertisers. When a reader clicks on a link in your content that goes to a qualified online merchant, VigLink ensures you receive a payment or commission on the resulting sale, easily and automatically.
  2. Link Insertion Powered by LinkWeaver Technology: VigLink identifies additional monetization opportunities within your content. VigLink’s LinkWeaver technology detects product-focused content and adds links to those areas that connect readers directly to the products, merchants and brands being referenced. You just write about the things you’d like, no need to worry about creating or managing links.

Enabling VigLink on your Blog

  1. On your dashboard, click on the gray drop-down menu next to the Post List icon and select Layout.
  2. Click Add a gadget.
  3. From the gadget list, under "Basic," select the HTML/Javascript gadget.
  4. Next, visit VigLink New window icon to create an account. Sign in to your account and click Install. Copy the unique code snippet to your clipboard.
  5. Back on Blogger, paste the VigLink code under "Content" (leave the title field empty.) Click Save.
You're done. You can use the solution’s installation checker New window icon to make sure VigLink is working on your blog.


When VigLink secures a payment or commission on behalf of your blog, the service will retain 25% and the remaining 75% will be sent directly to you via a Paypal payment each month.

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